Urgent! -Communication protocols between tracking device and particle cloud

We are developing a tracking device which need to communicate with particle cloud. Is there anyone can help us on the communication protocols between our tracking device and particle cloud?

Let me explain our device Architecture/framework:
This is BLE+GPS+GPRS tracking device, BLE is from nordic nRF51822 and GPS+GPRS is the MT2503 chipset.

We already done the embedded firmware of this tracking device, and now, we need to communicate with particle cloud by matching some communication protocols( I mean device-to-cloud communication). But the most serious problem is we dont know particle at all. and we need to research the whole cloud little by little. It will spend a lot of time and energy to figure it out. And we have deadline. Pls help.


  1. How to transplantate your firmware code to our tracking device.
  2. Communication framework in particle cloud.
  3. particle cloud already done framework, but we need to know how the framework work.

In urgent!!!

http://bluz.io/ will be your best bet if you want to transmit without additional hardware.

BLE --> Mobile phone --> Particle Cloud

Otherwise, you can connect your tracking device to an Electron to send message to the Particle Cloud.

Tracking device --> Particle electron --> Particle Cloud

Another method is to use a gateway powered by electron:

BLE --> BLE w/ Electron --> Particle Gateway.

I believe that there will also be cost involved should you want to provision your own hardware to the :cloud:

@Suewu, please refrain from double posting.

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Sorry,But we are in urgent and dont sure which catalog is suitable for our projects.

We know the map you said. But we want to know details. Can you guys list the device to cloud communication protocols for us?

It depends on what route you want to take. Porting the code to your specific platform will require a lot of effort, and can’t be summed up quickly in a community post. The entire firmware is open source, and can be viewed on GitHub. If you do want to port this, I’d suggest you start reading there.

The easier way is for you to take an existing Particle-compatible device (Photon, electron, bluz, redbear duo), and hook that up to your tracker. That way, you won’t have to figure out the whole connectivity part again, but can use the existing infrastructure of those devices. If your’re on a deadline, that’s the route I’d take. Afterwards, you can still work on your own implementation with custom hardware, if that’s a hard requirement.


Bluz is a BLE compatible board that talks directly to the Particle cloud, it is based on the nrf51822 which you are already using. It is likely you could use our firmware without much effort and merge it with your existing firmware.

You can see more details here, or contact us if you have any questions: http://bluz.io