Photon sending data to tracker one for cloud monitoring

I have a few protons (OG) that I been using for home automation projects like security systems and garage door opener and after a lot of help they are all working. Now I am trying to venture into the remote IOT space using the tracker one for cloud communication since wifi isn't an option. Assuming I am going with an updated device like the proton 2 to collect sensor data, what is the most optimal way to send the processed data to tracker one so it can upload to the cloud via the cellular connection. I initially thought blue tooth but wondered if setting up a wifi network would be easier. And thoughts?

Wi-Fi won't be an option because the Tracker does not have the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network. It only has Wi-Fi scanning for geolocation. It does not support SoftAP mode so it can't be its own access point.

Using BLE for communicating between a Tracker and a Photon 2 would work, however because the Photon 2 would not have cloud connectivity, it would not be able to have OTA updates or standard Particle features. You'd also have to implement custom firmware on both sides to handle exchanging the data you want to upload.

There is a limit of 4 connections from a BLE central at the same time, so you'd either have a maximum of 4 remote sensors, or you'd need to round-robin connect to them, which is a reasonable solution in most cases.

Finally, the Photon 2 does not support Coded PHY (BLE long range) so you'll be limited on distance.

Thanks @rickkas7 for the reply and the 4-6 hours of reading I didn't have to do. So, my best bet would be to use 3rd party BLE devices to send data to the tracker and then have the tracker compile it and publish what I need. The tricky part will be how to cycle through X number of sensor every hour or so. Well, once I find some sensors I will most likely be back for help.

There are a number of techniques that can help you achieve that, among them a finite State Machine (FSM).

The docs are here:


Thank you. Lots of changed from when I did a home alarm and an garage door opener. haha.