Is GPS shield now available?

The Asset Tracker kit mentions “. In addition to a GPS Shield, the Asset Tracker Kit comes with …”.
Are there specs on this shield? It’s not in the Particle Store.

Is GPS shield a Particle product, or 3rd party?

Is it Arduino compatible or Particle core?

Yes it is in the Particle store as part of the kit, but not seperate (yet).
The info about the shield can be found in the docs under Datasheets and in the open souce section

Is it this shield?
Adafruit FONA 808 Shield - Mini Cellular GSM + GPS for Arduino

Nope it’s this shield (as shown in my above links)

And it is a native :particle: Particle Shield

Give the links I posted a read for more information (they were given for good reason ;-)).

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Any news on whether this will become a stand-alone product? Would be useful for those of us who already have Electrons etc

Currently we do not have the GPS shield as a stand alone product, this is something we are looking into adding in the future though.

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