Reflash when stuck in sleep mode


I think I made a programming booboo and mixed up sleep(seconds) with delay(ms)


I think my core is sleeping for 30,000 seconds each time I turn it on so /build won’t let me fix the firmware since it’s always sleeping. It currently boots up, then the led pulses slowly with the red, green and blue illuminated. I think this is meant to look like white but white is not covered in the troubleshooting guide.

Anyhow, Is there a way I can force it to load my new (fixed) code from /build (web IDE) without doing a factory reset and re-entering WiFi credentials?

Happened to a friend of mine. I don’t think there’s no other way other than a factory reset :frowning:

Breathing white is not covered in the troubleshooting guide but is covered here

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Thanks guys, reset it is!

There was discussion of a “safe” or “recovery” mode which copies the factory firmware without clearing wifi credentials.

Thanks, I added a +1 for the recovery feature in its thread.

Also for the record, factory reset worked.

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Another way is to put it in DFU mode and re-flash using USB

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