Boron Stuck in Deep Sleep

I got my code working great and wanted to implement some power management.

I included the line “System.sleep(SLEEP_MODE_DEEP, 10);” and made the big mistake of sleeping for 10ms instead of 10000ms for testing (ultimately I will sleep for 5mins but I wanted to try 10sec to see how it worked).

It was constantly breathing white and I realized my mistake.

I have tried a factory reset and releasing the device on the console; however, when I start setup on my iPhone it gets as far as connecting to the internet and then goes back to breathing white.

After more research, I installed the Particle CLI, connected via USB and tried the Device Doctor app but I got “The Doctor didn’t complete sucesfully. Error writing firmware: file does not exist and no known app found.”.

It am just trying to reset the device so I can fix my mistake.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Since sleep modes haven’t been implemented yet in RC27, I’m not sure if your device really is sleeping or you are experiencing the “unexpected” behavior @rickkas7 has mentioned elsewhere. Can you get the device in to safe mode (breathing magenta)? If you can get to safe mode, then you can probably flash tinker OTA. When you say you “released” the device, did you mean unclaim? Unclaiming is probably not the solution but now you have to deal with that problem too. If you can’t flash OTA, maybe try putting into DFU mode and flash tinker via USB.


@ninjatill thank you for your reply, I will try your suggestions and provide an update soon.

@ninjatill I was able to get the device into safe mode and set it up again. I flashed tinker with success. Thank you so much for your help.

Is there any power management available at the moment?

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Not yet, but you can externally manage the Enable Pin.
Hopefully sleep modes are coming soon.


Some notes:

  • Herr Particle Doktor does not yet work with the Mesh devices. We’re still working out his salary :man_scientist::money_with_wings: .
  • It rarely helps to unclaim a device during troubleshooting, and can in fact make things worse
  • the sleep functionality WILL happen. I don’t know what the schedule is for it though.
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