Red SoS #13 on Firmware Flash


We have been noticing that whenever we flash our Firmware Binary (~70kb) to a P1 device, P1 always flashes RED SOS #13, and then reboots and applies the new Firmware.

Additionally, also what we noticed is that when,if we flash Tinker first, before flashing our actual firmware, unit does not blink SOS, either time.

Please note that our free memory before flash is approx 20-40 KB and FW size is ~70Kb. Is that an issue?

If not, can someone please explain why this behaviour occurs? ( we are using 1.4.4, and have noticed this problem in 0.6.3 as well).


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Are you flashing OTA? Could you please send in a ticket ( with example DeviceIDs so I can check what happens during the OTA.