Quick Start Guide -- Using Spark with Grove Base Shield & Sensors

Has anyone @Spark created documentation on using Spark with the Grove base shield and sensors?

What works, what doesn’t?
Code/Library issues you will encounter and work-arounds?
Simple Examples?

There appears to be a bit of fiddling and we’d like to avoid what has already been worked out if we can.

Porting of libraries can always be carried out if someone has a need to interface with Grove. :blush:

I have got the grove dust sensor working :

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@dloop @rockvole @kennethlimcp I don’t have any comments on Grove at the moment…but I just may at the end of next week :wink:


It looks like this is the kit on pre-order :

I was wondering - why does the kit have double row female headers ? @Steph

Is it for Spark Core on the left and Spark Photon on the right ?

@BDub @mohit - do you guys have any idea why the Grove Starter kit has double row female headers ?

That’s like a built in breadboard… just in case I guess :slight_smile:


My50 ct in experience with grove:
A.) MyClock
B.) Hoverlabs Beam