Hi All,

I’ve received The Sensor Kit this morning and it’s come with no instructions or code examples.

I’m really not keen on the idea of writing the firmware from scratch or messing about trying to figure everything out. I’ve been online to find wiring diagrams but have found nothing at all!

Can anyone help? Would really appreciate it as, right now, it’s a load of cables and sensors with no use!

Thanks in advance, all the best,

Where did you buy “The Sensor Kit”? Do you have a link to where you purchased your kit? I looked on Particle’s store and I really couldn’t discern which kit you are referring to. The “Grove Sensor Kit” for mesh I don’t think has starting shipping yet but I suppose it could have. Is that the kit you are referring to? Or, I see under the Photon/Electron accessories there is a “Sensor Kit w/ Electron 3G” or the “Particle Maker Kit”?!?

Let’s just assume it is the Sensor Kit w/ Electron 3G. There is a bit of documentation here, but it’s mostly a listing of datasheets for each sensor. So if you go to you can search for some of the sensor libraries:

ADXL362 - has about 3 other libraries but this is the top of the list.
SHT10 - Supports the SHT1x sensor line.
DS18B20 - Only one I found.

I’m sure there are libraries for all of them I just couldn’t find all of them.

For initial setup you should start with the standard Electron instructions:

Once you have the Electron set up and connected to the cloud, you can proceed to the basic tutorials like blink an LED:

For the components in the Sensor Kit, there is more information here:


Also found this post with a similar question with a lot of the libraries pointed out as well:

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Thanks all for the help!

The kit I have is here:

Will check out the links, not a programmer so gonna have some fun trying to get it all working! Thanks again tho, any pointers are much appreciated.