Where can I get a grove shield if they are sold out?

I’m looking for a Grove shield for a project but the packs are sold out. Anyone know a possible way to get one?

Looks like grove is a standard: http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Grove_System/

Seeed Studio has alot of grove boards: https://www.seeedstudio.com/category/Grove-c-1003.html

This is what I’m referring to, and the way it’s worded makes it look like it’s specifically for the Argon.

Did you look through that second link I posted? There is a search filter for “grove kits” which reveals the same grove kit for particle mesh for $29. https://m.seeedstudio.com/productDetail/3038

Perhaps a Particle person can confirm when the Particle store will have those kits back in stock. Perhaps @kmmonk can comment?

And the kit should not be Argon specific. It should work with all Mesh hardware. It’s just a bunch of sensors with a convenient form factor and consistent connectors.

Hey there! I checked with my ops team and the Grove Kits are in route to our warehouse right now from our manufacturers in China. We’re expecting them to be available in the store mid-late December.


Awesome! and @ninjatill I’ll probably just end up buying what you suggested but it’s nice to know the kit is coming back in also lol

Is there any place we can buy just the Grove Shield for Particle Mesh and not the entire Grove Starter Kit for Particle Mesh (which I have and it rocks!)? I’d like several so I can easily try out all the sensors that came in the Starter Kit but with my various Xenons and my Argon, all at the same time. @kmmonk?

If not I’ll just do some wiring but the Shield sure makes it easy, clean and quick.


Same here - would love to get just the Grove
Shield for my devices!

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No answer from Particle, but from Seeed I received this:

“The Grove Shield for Particle Mesh has not hit the store shelves until this March. Then you can purchase it separately. Thanks for your patience.”


I’m selling full/parts of the Grove Starter Kit for Photon.

Hope it will be faster - need them too as fast as possible …
I have perfect sensor node cases in which these shields fits as they are made for them,

@kmmonk, can you report any news on the possible availability of a solo Grove Shield without the sensors?
Any chance to have them via the Particle Store any earlier than what Seeed said?


I’m starting to wonder if @kmmonk is still around? Is there someone else we should direct this question to?

Sorry for the delay in response! I was OOO a bit when this first came in and I’ve been waiting for a response from different teams about this since I wasn’t 100% sure. I think it’d be a valuable SKU to offer, so our E-Commerce manager is going to reach out to Seeed to discuss this (and other potential SKU’s) more. Whenever I hear more about it, I can let you all know! Thanks for your patience!