Particle Mesh Starter Kit Grove Adapter Issue


got a Grove Starter Kit for Particle Mesh.

With the kit comes a Feather-compatible Grove adapter / shield.

Using it with Feather boards (Huzzah ESP8266, nRF52840) seems to provoke reboots.

Don’t have a Xenon for testing, but can reproduce the issue reliably by adding the adapter to above feather boards.

Is there a link to the hardware layout of the Grove adapter?

(I understand blaming the adapter might sound strange.)

((From what I can tell e.g. on the Huzzah, the device freezes after a short while, then the watchdog kicks in to reboot.))

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The shield thingie with the 4 grove connectors on it? It’s entirely passive so it seems weird that it could cause that behavior. I have a Boron LTE running in it now and it seems fine.


Thanks a lot for the schematics.

(Side question: Is it OK to repost this, e.g. under CC BY-SA

I agree that a passive shield should not influence the device.

Figured it might pull up/down a pin or something.

I deactivated your link to as it doesn’t exist.
The :particle: Particle site is

Hi, a student in my course finally found the cause of the issue described above. The ESP8266 requires the CHPD pin pulled to high, but the Particle Grove shield pulls it to GND. The fix is to bend the pin as shown here

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