Quick shout out to the team at particle

You guys have made complicated concepts (at least for a beginner like me) very easy to understand and experiment with hands on and have amazing products you guys rock! Two little things if i may bring up,please try to create a board in the future that has GSM integration that can send sms or call with LTE alot of products on the market here in the US are very outdated and not popular anymore maybe a nice 4g/5g gsm module with a E sim would be awesome! And the second thing was if you guys have a chance when doing house cleaning to the site the build IDE doesnt let me program on my phone or mobile devices due to a lack of horizontal scrolling,and i like to code before bed :blush: thanks so much for all you do !


Thanks, Enigma! This feels great to read. I’ll bring these points up internally, I really appreciate you raising them. Btw, if you get an NPS survey anytime soon it would be helpful if you re-stated your requests there- we often use NPS surveys to gauge demand for specific features.

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