Q-Shield : Nano quadcopter shield for Spark Cores

[note: project name changed to Q-Shield]

Dear community may I have your attention please!

We are happy to announce our nano quadcopter shield built for Spark Cores, the Q-Shield.

What is Q-Shield?

Q-Shield is nano quadcopter functional shield board built for Spark Core(s). It consist from two main part, mechanical PCB body frame and nano quadcopter flight control library:

  1. It’s PCB based nano quadcopter body frame includes sensors, motors and all neccessary components for nano quadcopters to fly.

  2. We are currently naming our developed nano quadcopter flight control library, the Q-Shield library. Our library fits perfectly on Spark Core memory and provides flight functionality.

In addition on the PCB frame we attached two RGB LEDs that help to track status of the flight, greatly helps to track visually. Also there are four red leds on the edges for additional indication. In brief:

Spark Core + Q-Shield = Spark Nano Quadcopter

Before plugging Spark core, all there is to do is to include Q-Shield library with Spark firmware, compile, and flash it. And that’s it. You now have a nanoquadcopter ready to tinker with. Grab your controller!!!

One of the exciting features is that we have ported MAVLink.
Control inputs, parameter configuration, and flight logging are all done over by MAVLink and MAVLink based GUI applications such as QGControl and smartphone applications. Our Q-Shield control library is light and it can be extend more features.

Why we are doing this project and what is our goal?

While we are tinkering with Spark core, we got motivated by its potential to be used for many applications. We wanted a quadcopter. Rather than buying one, we wanted nano quadcopter on Spark Core and built one. Boy, it took us a while. We have completely redesigned it’s mechanical design and revised our control library. You might wanted to have your own nano quadcopter. If you already have any of the Spark Cores, well you are more than half way having it. All there is left is a shield for the core, which what we already built.

  • Q-Shield is completely open source project.
  • Let us know your interest to your project, like this post, we’ll be counting.

We are looking forward to port our Q-Shield library on upcoming more powerfull cores from Spark Labs.

Please check out our site www.giingo.io and blog I will post more details in coming days and weeks here.

Thanks and please stay tunned, any feedback is most valuable.

UPDATE No.1 May 26 : Blog Post


This is cool! Will the project be open source?

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Thanks for asking, I have updated on the original post. Yes it will be completely open source!

I didn’t see any pricing information on the website. Hopefully you will have that info available soon?

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Thanks for asking about the pricing. Yes you are right, currently there is no pricing related information on our website.

Most of the building part is done and now we are actively working on the “delivering” part :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for your releases… :slight_smile:

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Thanks, we are working on it. :smile:

This is a perfect project for a kickstarter campaign thanks for sharing

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New Blog Post!

It has been a while! Hope everyones is having a great hacking and tinkering time.

Here is the newest and freshest look at our Q-Shield in Action!

Please visit: http://blog.giingo.io/post2.html and check it out.

New Video:

very cool. when can we buy?


Would also love to know when this will be available to buy, I’m interested. I’ve got a spare spark core at home waiting to take to the skies, and I look forward to tinkering with it a touch.

Great work so far though, looking forward to seeing it in more details.

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Thanks guys! @avidan @neal_tommy
We are working on that, please stay tuned.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing! (Also I want one too! :slight_smile: )

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone who has a Core/Photon will want one. There’s definitely a great community here that wants to play help!


Oh man, I am so excited for this! Just wait until we’re testing Electrons on it…

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I have a 3D printer, would be happy to print some frames for you if you like!

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Thank you ! :smile: . May I ask the printing precision of your 3D printer?

Zortrax M200 is a 25 micron printer…

I live in Mexico, need to check export fees before shipping anything!

Hey @avidan thanks for asking the question. I like your idea of folding, name card quadcopter. Let me answer under this thread for you and to the community:

Dear community we have some news to announce SOON! Sorry for the delays and thank you very much for your patience.


clearly the Q shield was a hot topic in the CEO fire side chat. I think its time. Unleash the order page!!!