Prototyping Shield

Are there any plans to do a prototyping shield, similar to the “Shield Shield” in size (or larger), but with a prototyping area or a breadboard? I would like to use a SparkCore to control some 5V relays and I assume the outputs are 3.3V so I will need some transistors to better control the relay inputs. Can you tell us if a quarter-size, or tiny breadboard would fit directly on a Shield Shield with the voltage regulator laying flat like it does? Perhaps that could be rotated towards the edge of the board to allow space for a breadboard directly on the Shield Shield.

We could look into doing something like that, but we’ve actually designed the Core to be great for sticking directly into a breadboard, like so:

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Awesome! That is even better. So I can basically use the Core directly with any breadboard or on any other prototyping board I already have. Very smart!