Prototyping Protoboard Shields Available

So are you ready to get your project off the breadboard and onto something more permanent?

I’ve designed this prototyping shield for those small projects with just a few components and keeping it small just like the SparkCore.

Available on Tindie now

Comes with female headers so you can easily attach and remove you core from the protoboard.

Each SparkCore pin is connected to the hole on either side, so you have one spot for each pin inside the prototyping area and one on the outside of the core for connecting to external components.
There are additional connected pins for GND, VIN & 3V3
Clear labelling on both sides
Mounting holes


Awesome, I’ll have to order some of these :slight_smile:

I turned 40 years young on the weekend.

Great excuse for a sale. Discount code for $2 buck off the multipacks 733E09A


sweet. happy birthday.
like royalty, you gave us a gift on your birthday!

thank you