Spark Core on PCB


I’m an ICT professional (with interest in electronics) and no electronics engineer, so my apologies if my question is maybe simple for the electronics specialists on this forum.

First question:
For a project, in operational mode, I would like using a PCB to have my Spark Core installed on instead of a breadboard (this is ok for development, but not for operational mode). In fact I need a 1-1 switch from breadboard to PCB (of course I need access to the GPIOs). What do I have to take care about when using a PCB and eventually where can I get PCBs where I can plugin a Spark Core?
Second question: I eventually also would house the PCB in some case. How do others on the forum do this?


1.) There’s a community member who designed what we call protoboard and you simply need 2 headers to plug the core on.

2.) Casings of best fit can usually be bought off the shelves unless you are looking at customization which might be 3D printed or even injection molded (only justifiable in moderate quantities)


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Anyhow @gdillen, you said you wanted a 1 on 1 breadboard to PCB? If you’re making custom designs, then a custom PCB is much nicer. It’s not too hard to make in Eagle for example. If you just want to tinker around, and don’t want to invest too much time and possibly money, then this Adafruit stuff might be just the thing for you:
You put that thing on top of your breadboard, and then build/test your circuit. If you’re happy with it, you simply pull the PCB with the components off the breadboard, and all that’s left is soldering. Of course I’d suggest using [female header pins][1] for your Core, so you don’t have to actually solder your precious Core to a PCB.

Casing just require a bit of creativity. It depends on where you’re going to place it. If you’re putting it in 1m of snow, you’ll need a different casing than you would when you’d put it in 45 degrees Celcius sunlight. If you put in indoors, is it in sight of stuffed away? Does it have to be aesthetically pleasing or not? You can 3D print, lasercut, hacksaw, Lego, fold casings out of a lot of things. First worry about the electronics, and then find something that matches your user scenario.

That’s totally not intentional. I remember someone posting in the thread, or maybe another thread and it’s hard on my mobile to find it :smiley:


@gdillen I found these little boards at Radio Shack that fit the Spark nicely.

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If you want to make your own and learn at the same time, then Eagle is a good option and then use Seeed Studio or DFRobot to get your boards professionally made. You get 5 or 10 boards depending on who you choose to make them.

Thanks all for the info. I’ll go for the Adafruit perfboards for immediately use and start learning with Eagle for a more permanent solution.

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Might be useful:

I keep finding stuff…
On kickstarter right now:

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Im working of some prototyping PCB/shields for Spark Core designed for smart enclosures.
I have just released the first one att
I am just started to set up a website for it
As you can see so are there stil som job to be done.

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@pellson60, I would advice not to post multiple similar issues to promote your hardware in the Spark discourse.

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Sorry if did something wrong. I confesses that one post i did was to promote my product. But in this post i hoped to give a good answer to gdillen request. My first post on this forum was i problem report.
But when we are on subject promote a product that support your product. I think my products will be good for you and the community. Have you any ideas or suggestions how to promote? Money isn’t the first priority to me, its more about giving bak to the community.
I’m not in any way trying to spam the forum. I am a big supporter of Spark Core and like to help.

I think it’s fine if you stick one thread so that others can look information there and not feel “spammy” seeing the same content in other threads.

Great to see people contributing to the Spark community! :slight_smile:

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@pellson60, I agree with @kennethlimcp that a single informative post is “tasteful” but more becomes spam and is self-serving. You may want to “advertise” in your local Maker community and make sure your website has solid search engine optimization to get the most exposure. :smile:


As I already mentioned in an earlier post: I have already perfboards and use them (short-term solution) and started learning Eagle to design my own PCBs (for a more permanent solution). I thank all who contributed with useful (non-commercial) info.

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