Are there smaller breadboards for spark core?

Suppose I’d like to create something of a smaller scale than the breadboard that comes with spark core. Are their smaller breadboards I can connect the spark core to? If so, can I get a few suggestions of breadboards that connect with spark core?


The answer is yes, and, again, search tools are your friend. For example: turns up a great product on SparkFun which is a mini breadboard which I imagine is exactly what you want

Thank you!

And if your ready to move a project off breadboard and solder up a permanent board. I sell some prototyping boards specifically designed for the Spark Core on my Tindie store.


WHERE do people find those female headers? I’ve looked and looked and I can’t find the exact ones I’m looking for, which are the same as you have pictures.

Of course, I’m asking now, when in fact they’re probably on Digikey, I just can’t find them… ah well.

They are on digikey. I’m a jackass. why could I never find these before?!

I have a pile of these (spark sized proto boards) at home and they’re awesome :slight_smile:

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The female headers are all over. One example at Adafruit.

I got mine from :

Or if you want lots of them. I’ve been getting mine from aliexpress.