Socket for Spark?

Does anyone know the form factor for a 24-pin socket that I can plug a Spark into? I need to mount it in a project. Thanks!


The easiest solution is to use a pair of 12pin female headers to mount the :spark: Core. The width of the Core does not conform to the traditional 24pin DIPs.

Someting like this: You can also get longer ones and break them to size.

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Sadly, I don’t have the clearance for those, but taking your idea, I might be able to find some lower profile ones like these:


The female headers work great, used that solution myself only thing is it raises the Core quite high off the PCB. Be careful using the 0.1" pins you list from ebay, I have those and they don’t fit. The 0.1" refers to the PCB mounting pins, not the mounting holes, I believe they’re more designed for through-hole IC chips, or the likes.

I agree with what @ricktonoli has to say here. The headers that you mention are meant for ICs with much thinner legs. The headers on the :spark: Core will not mate with these.

Thanks all. That saves some time. I’ll keep hunting for headers that are shorter than Arduino shield headers.

Has anybody found a solution to this? I’d like to try to find a nice small packaging solution for my project without a breadboard, but I don’t want to solder my sparkcore to anything.

Does it need to be removable? Could you just create a footprint of holes on your PCB and solder the spark directly to the PCB?

Yes. If I decide to use the core for something else, I wouldn’t have to have to deal with desoldering it.