Questionnaire regarding attachable camera module for the Q-Shield

Dear Community,

As you might know, my fellow friends and I are developing Q-Shield (sorry for making you wait :slight_smile: ) under “Giingo Labs”. We feel our delivery is taking a bit longer, but there is a good story behind it. We are sure that we will have a chance to share our story and experience after the public release.

Let’s get into the questionnaire. We think that the most wanted accessory would be a camera. Who wouldn’t love to take a selfie with their flying cloud connected Particle Photon/Core?! Right?

So while things get in order, we would like to hear for your ideas and experiences with wireless stand-alone attachable wireless camera modules.

Q: Community, folks do you know and/or had any experience with a good light weight wireless stand-alone camera module that is suitable for the Q-Shield, easy to attach and detach?