New Infrared Shield for Photon - Announcement

We have just announced a new Infrared Shield for Photon on our blog. For details and preliminary product sheet see:

A.IR Shield Photon announcement
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The A.IR Shield Photon will be launched in the coming weeks & ‘should’ also be compatible with the new RedBear DUO (TBC) which features BT as well as WiFi - an interesting mix for IR remote control projects.

The supplied firmware interacts with our AnalysIR application via Serial/USB or WiFi, using a single Firmware source. We also provide example firmware for sending IR signals using hardware PWM.

We will add some photos once they are available. In the meantime, we will have a small number of eval units available for sale pre-launch, for those interested (contact us here for details)

The preliminary Product Sheet is available here


A.IR Shield Photon.


ReadBear DUO update:
Our DUO arrived today in Dublin, along with the RBLink.
Followed the setup instructions and everythng worked out just fine :slight_smile:

Then over to particle Build to upload the firmware for our Infrared Shield (A.IR Shield).
Successfully uploaded our Photon firmware to the DUO.

Then plugged in our IR shield, connected to AnalysIR over WiFi on the PC and everything appears 100%, so far. Decoding and sending IR signals just fine.


Awesome! Looking forward to building with this shield! :slight_smile:

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Super excited for this @AnalysIR, let me know when you’re launching!

Hi Dick

Will do.

In the meantime we have some eval units available for sale. Only difference is that we hand assemble them to order - so it takes an extra 2 days to ship.


Any update on this? I am very interested in this shield!


As mentioned above, we have ‘eval’ units for sale now. You can request ordering details via our website or PM.

Now available in our shop:

Updated Product Datasheet

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