Record & Transmit IR Signals possible?

I’ve been looking to record and transmit IR signals with Particle Photon… Any updates on this?
I see a lot of IR Transmit possibilities, but no Receive options so far… Has someone already done porting it from Arduino? Is it even possible with the current Photon?

You might want to check this out: New Infrared Shield for Photon - Announcement

@Moors7 The link you’re suggesting, directs me to purchase a completely new device, AnalyIR’s Infrared Shield. I’m trying to make a product here… Purchasing a shield and increasing the budget & footprint of my product design cannot be done. Suggest me of ways to integrate an IR Blaster directly to Photon. This is completely possible in Raspberry Pi & Arduino. While Particle Photon is also completely capable by itself of receiving/transmitting IR signals, why would we need a separate device to handle IR signals?

Ok! AnalysIR doesn’t seem expensive… let’s say we add this to our Particle Photon… is it already available for sale? Software is available… what about the shield itself? Should we make one with the spec sheet or is it for sale?

I wasn’t telling you you had to buy that shield. You asked if it was possible, and I showed you a project who has successfully used it. If you looked around a bit further, especially on their account, you would’ve noticed they have guides available on how to use infrared on the Photon, even without their hardware.
I’ve personally never used infrared yet, so I’m probably not the best person to tell you what is, or isn’t, possible. The information I gave you was gathered from posts on the forum. With a bit of searching, you should be able to find the information you need.