Spark core as a IR receiver

Hi all,

I’m tangling with a project that requires the spark to act as a receiver for an IR signal. I’ve looked at some of the previous post about it in here but so far i’ve been unsuccessful with finding something that works. Last post about the spark acting as a IR receiver was from sep. 14. :frowning:

Thanks in advance! :smile:

There have been more threads about IR and the most recent posts date to February 2015

Have alook at

Thank you ScruffR but it doesn’t seem to get me any further with my problem… Does anybody else have a direction i can take a look at?

@snwiii, when you say IR receiver, do you mean so the Core can be controlled with an IR remote? Do you have an Arduino version I could port? :smile:

I haven’t made any progress. In the meantime, my I’m designing my project to run with two microcontroller- one of them a Core (soon to be a Photon) and the other an Atmega328 (the brains of the Arduino Uno). The Atmega328 has multiple IR receiver libraries and is set up to receive and interpret the codes from the remote control. It then turns around, and sends a simple number over serial to the Core which is listening and acts on the serial input in the loop function.

This may be cost or time-prohibitive for your project. In my case, it makes sense as the second microcontroller is also driving LED patterns and the necessary delays can wreak havoc on connectivity (at least it did under my old Zigbee setup).

I don’t have this up and running under Particle yet as I need to wait for my new Photon; however, it works very well between an Atmega328 and an ATTiny85 that I was using before Particle.

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@dome, great approach! You will love using the Photon when they arrive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For my own info, which IR libraries are you running on which processor?

@peekay123, I use IRremote.h on the 328. It works really well in tandem with the ATTiny, although I’m hoping to have it running even better with a Photon. I’m building a custom PCB for everything (actually been through a few revisions already) and am planning on running the Atmega at 3v3 to lower the risk of overvolting anything.

I’ve done a lot of documenting of my project over on the SmartThings forum if you’re interested.

@dome, that looks fantastic! Couple of things you need to know about the Photon. First, the work is motion to fully exploit multitasking in FreeRTOS to split the system from the user threads. This will remove any “stalling” issues present in the old Core firmware. Second, the Photon’s STM32F205 has a lot of extra hardware timers available to the user and I’ve been working with @mdma to validate a new timer API for the Photon. This will make it easier to port the IRremote library. Ultimately, all your code will be able to run on the Photon :smile:

@peekay123, That’s awesome news! I was already excited for the photon, but now I really can’t wait.

I guess I better not rush into the next version of my PCB!

@dome, excited… you haven’t heard the half of it yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

@peekay123 I think the IRremote library will require some porting to work on the Photon. I was looking at it and it seems to use some atmel interrupt routines for receiving and transmitting the IR signals.

Actually I stumbled across another thread that suggests IRlib instead of IRremote.

I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. Anyone using it with the Corr or Photon?

Hi, I am Nate and I am a spark core novice. In fact this is my first post.

I am interested in being kept up to date about the spark core as a IR receiver. I am an electrical engineer and have some backgroud with FPGA / PIC18 / arduino. I am looking to get more familiar with the process involved in porting a library. Let me know if you are interested in helping a new guy out.

I like to buy things to tinker with while I am deciding the details of a project.


Welcome Nate, it’s a great platform and a great community.

I don’t have any updates on the IR front and am waiting and seeing what others come up with.

I’d also love to see IRremote ported to Photon. It was ported to Teensy awhile ago to support its ARM timers, so perhaps that version is worth reviewing.

Any updates on receiving IR on SparkCore? Are people actively working on that?

I’ve been looking to record and transmit IR signals with Particle Photon… Any updates on this?
I see a lot of IR Transmit solutions, but no receive… Has someone already done porting it from Arduino?