Infrared remote signal decoder library help

I’m a bit lost. I bought one of these remote/receiver pairs: .

I was hoping to use the Spark adapted IRremote to receive the remote signals and trigger some light to turn on BUT after reading the fine print it seems irrecv is sliced out of the library.

Any alternative libraries suggested or thoughts on how to go around that?


Take a look at: which is based on code posted by @AnalysIR

That is for the NEC codes my AC units use. You can take a look at the blog post linked in the comments for more info.

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Unfotunately, we don’t have a spark core available.

Possibly even more bad news about the IR receiver in that kit you linked…


it does look like the VS1838B, which is the cheapest and worst receiver around. The other clue is that the vendor you linked doesn’t provide a model number or data sheet link!

The code I linked works on my Core, it only required some very minor tweaks if I remember correctly.

I used this receiver diode with it:

@AnalysIR looks like it is probably the crappy chip yeah. But it doesn’t seem to mean it won’t work. It just might be a bit more noisy.

I am a bit surprised though that there isn’t an IR library ported to the Spark or Photon. I guess not much use for it in the applications.

@edalquist I’ll try the code as soon as I get back home and report back. Hoping it work. Maybe I can add something to reduce noise.