IR Transmitter Using Odd IR Codes - Spark-Core-IRremote

Hi all,

Trying to get my head around IR codes but there’s far more to it than I expected! I’ve been basing my design around this very helpful library which seems to be the best suited for what I’m trying to do:

I have a remote for a speaker system that isn’t a common brand and basically I’m trying to get the codes into my Photon so that various inputs can trigger the appropriate IR output signal (the final result will probably be a web page to control it).

The codes I have I’ve recorded in PRCTOOL format (eg 0,D00=0051 0 FF 8A) which may or may not be the most suitable format to use. I’ve also found this tool; not sure if it’s any use:

Evidentally it’s not that easy to just convert the codes to 0xa90 format or anything like that. Is anybody able to shed some light on this? I may be going down completely the wrong track.

Also if I need to add an IR receiver to my Photon temporarily to record the codes into a more suitable format then I can certainly do that too.

Thoughts? Much appreciated for anyone that can help! Cheers.

@Pilbromatic, the folks from AnalysIR (another former kickstarter) are forum members and have code to help! Take a look at these: :smile:

@peekay123 Thanks! I’ll have a look over. :slight_smile:

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