IR TV Remote - any existing examples?

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had come across a project/source code for a simple infrared controller that can be used with a TV?

I have found a list of IR codes that should work with my TV, I have a photon and an IR transmitter and I’m sure there’s an easy way to do it… but I’m struggling to find any existing projects (I can’t be the first to want to do this!)

Here’s the list of IR codes if anyone’s interested?

Any help gratefully received!



Perhaps IRRemote library in Particle community libraries is what you are looking for:

@AnalysIR seems to be laser focused on that space. Website here, I don’t recall if they ever finished their Photon shield

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Those codes are PRONTO hex codes and our AnalysIR application can convert them into many industry formats including RAW and also generate C code for use with IRremote. As long as the signal is recognised, it can also correct the timings so that you get optimum performance & range.

We have an example on our website on how to send IR signals with Photon, but you can also use the IRremote library via Particle’s IDE.

Finally, as mentioned above we also have an IR shield for photon with firmware which was designed for use with our AnalysIR application, but can also be used with other sketches. The A.IR Shield Photon is in stock and available via our website and features dual IR Emitters and Dual IR receivers to measure carrier frequency as well as recording the 'data 'signal. IR Power level can also be selected via jumper and/or an optional programming resistor.