IRLremote Library

I’m looking for a library to decode signals from remote controls, but just thought libraries that send signals.

Compared to send signals, it is perfect. I am using a @ peekay123 library that serves me very well. The link is

I did a search on github and I found this modified library, but do not know if it’s possible to port it to the Particle.

Unfortunately my knowledge in this area are limited because my specialty is web development.

If anyone can help I thank you!


The two main libraries in ‘Arduinoland’ (or even Genuinoland) are IRremote & IRLib. The ones you pointed to are modified versions with less functionality, based in a quick overview…

It looks like you found the state of play already with your searches.

We will be porting our own IR firmware for AnalysIR to the Photon once it ships/arrives. We may get a chance to look at one of the libraries sometime after that. It should be a ‘relatively’ trivial task for anyone familiar with pwm & timers on the platform.

The resources available on the Photon etc, should allow more feature rich IR Libraries to be implemented.