Published Library for P9813 (aka ChainableLED) does not show up

Hey there,
I modified a library for the P9813 LED in the Grove Starter Kit for Photon (originally found here) so it can be imported via the web IDE. The library can be found here now. I was able to import the library into the web IDE, the example works and I published it. But: Somehow it does not show up as a Community Library in the list. Neither for me (I’ve tried resetting the cash and also a different browser) nor to any of my students.
What am I doing wrong?

Does for me tho’

Have you checked your My Libraries section?
Your own libraries will not show up in the public list on your account but there

The flag next the lib usage count indicates that there is a not-yet published version, while all others are published and visible to everybody.

I checked again with another account and it also shows up there now. I thought I had checked this before…
Thanks, that was easy :smile:

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