Library not included under Community Libraries


I’ve added a library and made it public through It however isn’t showing up under Community Libraries when searching for it.

Is there a specific process to get it listed?

@Dakniel, did you “publish” it?

You might also need to clear the cache (CLEAR CACHE in settings drawer of build) and/or refresh the libraries (REFRESH LIBRARIES in libraries drawer).

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@peekay123 Yes, it was validated and published/made public a few days ago.
@ScruffR Tried in incognito-mode, cleared cache and refreshed the libraries. Didn’t help.The library (NexaCtrl) is however included in the /libs.json.

Perhaps it’s working as intended and not listing my own libraries under “Official Libraries”?

Yes, this is intended to always find your own libraries at the top of the lib drawer under “My Libraries”

But I can see your lib in my public list.

BTW: Is it intended to use a non-existent pin on the Photon as RX_PIN and A3 as TX_PIN in your sample sketch?

Ah, makes sense.
No, that’s definitely a typo – nice catch. Thanks!

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