Product Shipment Issues

Very frustrated with the shipment of this product. Ordered this product almost a month ago and received shipment notification only recently. Shipping handler is a subsidiary of DHL and provides very little shipment information. Apparently the shipper Spark uses had an issue with my order and now Spark and the shipper are saying they can’t do anything until the shipment turns up back to facility (which may never happen).

Anybody else face the same issue? I feel like Spark needs to find a more reliable shipping company or at least help their customers locate their packages. Money has been paid and still no product.


I’m sad to know that you are facing issues with delivery! To my understanding, a logistics company is roped in to help :spark: make delivery hassle free.

Maybe @teke can chime in more :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. Do you happen to know the contact for whoever is in charge of logistics/shipping? I was simply told that I would have to talk to the DHL subsidiary which put me back to square one.

I’m not exact sure what’s wrong with your issue but have already ping @teke.

He will follow up from here. Have a good day!

HI there, @Wil3 - Do we already have you in our customer service pipeline? (Sounds like it from your original comment). Let’s keep on your case in there, as that will insure the least amount of duplicate or missed messages as we pursue the missing package.

As you might imagine, it’s very complicated shipping internationally, and while we have a very large success rate - packages do get tripped up in transit for a variety of reasons. Please know that we’re doing what we can not only to trace, track and repair any current shipments - but we’re making major adjustments this summer to improve the delivery success rate. and make tracking super reliable and easy.

Really appreciate your patience as we get through this latest production run - and please know we’re working on getting you some Spark, asap! Teke @ HQ

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Hi Teke,

My last email with Spark customer service ended with no response. I was simply told to wait until my package returned to the facility, with no indication of timeline or guarantee that I will ever receive my package.

You can understand my frustration as I am being tossed back and forth without being given any concrete information. I understand the difficulties with shipping internationally, but I still expect a reliable service since customers are paying money for their products.

I can only gather from your response that you expect me to have faith that someone is working on my case (although there was no response to my previous email with customer service) and to continue to wait. It is difficult for me to be satisfied with that outcome since I can only assume that I will now have to wait another month until I have to escalate the issue again, with nothing to show for the $80 that I took out of my pocket for my purchase.

Is there anything that you can do to assist me in retrieving my package without having to wait the next 1-2 months?

I will ping @teke so he receives this via email :slight_smile:

HI there, @Wil3 I went to follow up with you via e mail yesterday, but I don’t have any way to research your case - the e mail address you have attached to this Community Forum isn’t coming up in our eCommerce or Customer Service systems. Can you please write me directly at with your OrderID and/or the associated e mail address?

Thank you! Teke

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