Product Firmware Updates

The Product Firmware update system is giving me fits!

I have a number of devices that are STUCK on an old Firmware version. When I release a new version of the firmware and select Product Default for the Group they are not included in the update list. This subset of devices are not Locked. They are not Marked for Development. They are simply stuck on an old Firmware version. If I physically connect to one of them and upgrade the firmware then they will downgrade to the older version as soon as they come online (unless I Lock them).

I have found only one way around this odd behavior. If I create a Group and include them, then I can explicitly release the newer firmware to that Group and they will take the updated firmware. If I delete the Group then they revert to the old version of the firmware.

I have tried removing them from the Product, running the Product Doctor from the CLI and taking them all the way back to ‘Tinker’. Then adding them back into the Product and much to my complete amazement they are still stuck on this older version of the firmware. (Frankly, that blew my mind)

Has anyone else ever seen anything like this?

How do you check the firmware version? Is it the only status, or do you use the CLI to inspect?

You should create a support request with the numeric product ID and the device ID that this is happening for and the cloud logs can be examined. It’s best if it’s for a device you’ve recently experienced this with because the logs only go back a week.

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Thanks @rickkas7. I’ve submitted a Support request and will update this thread once this is sorted out.