Problems with SHT40

I am trying to get an Adafruit SHT40 to work. I couldn't find anything in the community library, but I found this tutorial,.

It seemed pretty straightforward, but I'm getting 0.0 for both temperature and humidity. The board's got power, I have VIN and GND connected (there's a lit LED on the SHT40). I have SDA and SCL connected to pins D1 and D0, respectively. When I compile the code, I get an error about ARDUINO not being defined, I'm not sure if that's relevant.

Any suggestions as to how I might debug this? I miss the DHT22 :grinning:

Hi, are you powering the sensor with 3v3?

I read this from the Adafruit tutorials on the sensor:

I've got VIN connected to 3V3. Is that not enough power?

Update: I switched from the default .ino file to one of the examples without the display (SHT4test.ino), and I can now see that it's 23.97° C in my room, and the humidity is 23.21%. Whew! Now if I can only figure out how to get an SSD1306 to show up ...

Is this the display you are using?

I'm not using the FeatherWing, just an OLED with 4 pins coming out of it. I was able to get that to work too, the problem was the board was 32 pixels across, and I had selected the driver for 64.