Adafruit OLED 128x64 SH110x Library

I’m trying to use an Adafruit 128x64 OLED (Overview | Adafruit 128x64 OLED FeatherWing | Adafruit Learning System) with a Boron. It seems like most of the OLEDs use the SSH1306 library, but according to the tutorial there, this one uses the Adafruit_SH110X library. I was wondering if anyone knows of a port of this or a different library I could use. Haven’t had any luck so far.

There is an SH1106 library (and two other SH1106 libraries too)
Finding them was easy enough :wink:
Just go to Web IDE, open the Libraries drawer (image) and enter an appropriate search term

I couldn’t vouch for the quality of any of them but might be worth a try.

Additionally you could try the SSD1306 library anyhow, it might work at least in parts.

Sorry I should have been more clear. None of those libraries appeared to work. I’ve been digging into the Adafruit_SH1106_0 library since it’s close, but I haven’t had success yet. So I was really asking if anyone had a successful setup with this particular Featherwing and could point me to the library they used and if they had made changes.

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I see!

I don’t own one of these displays but @rickkas7 may have one in his stash :wink:

For reference, here is what I get when I use the Adafruit_SH1106_0 library and just display the splash screen. So it almost works, but it will only display in that top right quadrant. The 128 pixels in length go off to the right and thus aren’t displayed. So I’m digging into this one to try and get it to work, but was curious if anyone had already done the work already before I went down this rabbit hole.

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