Library for Adafruit Featherwing OLED 128x64 (SH1107)

Although there are a couple of old SH1106 libraries in the Particle Community Library archive, none of them work properly with the Adafruit Featherwing OLED 128x64 (SH1107).

For, example, with Adafruit_SH1106_O, at best only half of the display area can be used if the SH1106_SETDISPLAYOFFSET is modified (see below). There doesn’t appear to be a way of applying a y-offset. In addition, this library is not the full featured.

The current Adafruit Featherwing OLED 128x64 via Arduino IDE does fully support this display and runs fine on a Particle Xenon with an Adafruit bootloader.

I’m looking to see if I can move the official Adafruit Featherwing OLED 128x64 to Particle with a few minor changes. It should be doable.

Does anyone already have the official Adafruit Featherwing OLED 128x64 library already ported to Particle?
If not, What’s involved in moving an Adafruit/Arduino library to Particle?
Does anyone have a short list of steps and gotchas that I need to note?

@rickkas7, Any pointers on the above? Thanks.

I have the latest Adafruit Featherwing OLED 128x64 library ported to Particle.

With the aid of @rickkas7’s Adafruit_GFX_RK library and Debounce, the effort was quite minimum.

After some further tests on some of the Particle boards, I’d like to submit the library to the Particle Community Library so that others can make use of it.

What is the process to have a library added to the Community Library? Thanks.

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This should get you started

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