Argon and Adafruit Featherwing OLED - 128x64. Are any of the libraries working for this screen?

I’m trying to get one of the aforementioned Featherwing OLED screens to work. Biggest impediment so far has been finding libraries that will actually compile. Anyone had luck here? I see several attempts have been made but it seems that the IDE won’t compile any of them.

What are the issues you’re running into with the libraries? Are you getting any error messages?

@kreys001, I modified the Adafruit Feathering OLED 128x64 (SH1107) libraries to work with Argon/Boron and published them to Particle Community Libraries.

These have been tested on Argon and Boron under deviceOS 3.3.0, deviceOS 4.0.0, and deviceOS 5.1.0.

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Maybe I’m doing something wrong then, when I tried to compile them the IDE told me the file was not found. I’m still a noob when it comes to these things. I will post a synopsis of what I found today

Where ? any GitHub link to it ? also in the mentioned topic is no link to it and I was able to find just ADAFRUIT_SH110X_Z on WEB IDE which anyway has broken link in doc.
some pic for reference:


Part of the issue is figuring out which library to use.
Adafruit_GFX search returns these:

Adafruit_SH110x returns these:

The libraries I searched for are listed as working for the Argon, and are recommended in this page from the Adafruit website:

My understanding is that firmware written for Particle and Arduino should be largely interchangeable. Perhaps I just need better documentation of how in this particular case things are intended to fit together?

Thanks for any and all assistance. I’m looking forward to getting my little OLED to light up.

I used the *_Z versions of the above referenced libraries in a program and got this result:

ok here’s what I got .

is compiling fine for Argon under OS4.0.1 without any compiler errors but I couldn’t test it as I don’t have this OLED

what I found it that Adafruit_Bus_IO did not include automatically and even if you include it
manually it’s still no good as it’s trying to include Adafruit_Bus_IO.h which even doesn’t exist in Adafruit_Bus_IO

instead you have to #include <Adafruit_I2CDevice.h>
Not sure about a #include <Debounce.h> as is compiling fine when I mark it out but just in case I leave it in the project.

I used the example OLED_featherwing.ino from ADAFRUIT_SH110X_Z so you can gave it a try :+1:

As stated in my original post, I did have issues uploading the modified libraries for the OLED Featherwing 128x64. However, I was able to upload successfully.

I’ll take another look at the weekend and see if I can place them on GitHub.

I’ve been using the modified libraries for several months with the Particle Workbench. They work fine on Argon and Boron under deviceOS 3.3.0, deviceOS 4.0.0, and deviceOS 5.1.0.

The following libraries are required to get the Adafruit Featherwing 128x64 to work.


You’ll also need the two unmodified libraries.




Thanks for that info and great job :+1:
Actually, I don’t need it just want to help a little @kreys001
The one on top on my previous post compiling just fine on WebIde for Argon Boron and even for photon with os 2.0.1. I couldn’t try it as I don’t have an OLED.
Anyway thanks one more for all information

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Not sure what I’m doing wrong here but Adafruit_Bus_IO.h won’t compile.

From the web ide:

So I tried your link - copied and flashed it to my device. It works!

Thank you. I can get started working on how I wanted to to code it. Super stoked!!



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