Can't get oled-wing-adafruit to work

The oled-wing-adafruit library doesn’t work for me. I loaded the example file in WebIDE and nothing happened on the screen. Looking at the code for the underlying libraries, they seem quite out of date.

Device: Xenon
Device OS: 0.9.0

@tjp I have had this working on 0.9.0 on a Xenon OK. Which libraries and versions are you including? How are you connecting the featherwings together- are you certain of your wiring? Perhaps a picture. Lastly, have you called .display() method to actually write to the oled screen?

There is a library by @rickkas7 you can use

Not sure if it is the same as the Web IDE version tho’

I literally just had this problem the other day. My problem was that when it was blank I didn’t think to hit the A, B, C buttons :wink:

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