Trying Adafruit 4195 monochrome eink featherwing with Xenon

I am trying to get an adafruit monochrome eink featherwing PRODUCT ID: 4195 to work on a particle io xenon. I am getting garbage on the display.

code is from example epd library example

don’t get anything to happen without
comenting out

Adafruit_IL0373 epd(212, 104 ,EPD_DC, EPD_RESET, EPD_CS, SRAM_CS, EPD_BUSY);

and using

Adafruit_SSD1675 epd(250, 122, EPD_DC, EPD_RESET, EPD_CS, SRAM_CS, EPD_BUSY)

I have verified that the display is working with an adafruit feather m4. The adafruit featherwing test runs.

If I unplug the adafruit m4 and plug in the xenon the display does change, but it is garbage. Nothing even resembling what it should be.

I comented out most of the code in the Particle featherwingtest.ino so the example code only does


this does not even change the eink display.

Any help would be appreciated.

The product is 250 x 122 and monochrome rather than 212 x 104 and tri-colour so the first item you commented out would never have worked. The E-ink displays are a bit fiddly to get working as they have many parameters that all need to be spot on before they behave. The displays also use memory areas and have to be written to in certain ways. I might suggest you look at the GxEPD2 community library together with the Adafruit_GFX_RK library. If you search for e-ink or GxEPD you will find a number of threads.