SOLVED - SH1106 SPI library needed - anyone ported it?


I have a couple of inexpensive OLEDs that I purchased off of eBay. They are SPI units that use the SH1106 chip. They work perfectly on my Arduinos with the U8GLib and I know that this is not currently supported on Spark/Photon although there is a thread on this topic happen right now.

I will also found the thread below, but cannot get @m3gg's library to work. Does it work for anyone else on the Photon? (I would not rule out user error, but I have been careful with the wiring and am using the sample code.) Does anyone else have any experience with these OLEDs? Any perspectives would be appreciated.


Quick update on this. I just realized that there is a bug in the current firmware that seems to disable D0 and D1 and so this could be why the display is not working. I will report back once I get this fixed.

Just a quick update, this library works perfectly. The issue I ran into related to bad Photon firmware. Updating the Photon to 0.4.3 got everything working including this library and so all is good!