u8glib on Photon


I’ve started working on a u8glib port for Photon. So far I have it {I think} working with hardware SPI. There are a number of things happening at once though:

  1. I’m working with Photon and am fairly new to it
  2. I’m working with u8glib and am fairly new with that too
  3. And I’m working with the ssd1331 display which didn’t have a pre-configured driver so I’m writing my own.

So put all of those together and you can see there’s much opportunity for things to go wrong.

So far I’ve implemented hardware SPI. And tested it with two simultaneous displays. The displays I’m using are a 96x64 color oled based on the ssd1331 controller, and a 1.3" blue oled which uses a sh1106 compatible chipset.

Also, I’ve currently only got it working using a local firmware build. For one thing, particle compile will fail because the font source file is too large. I also need to try to get it up on github to see if I can pull it down through the cloud interface but github is also new to me (don’t judge me). I figure I’ll try to stabilize it locally first and once it’s in good shape put it up there and pull it down through build.

If anyone would like to help me test, I need to go through my screens at home but I’m not sure I have any I2C displays, so that would be good.


@peekay123 You said “As for u8glib, I would LOVE to do some testing” in a different thread. Any thoughts? What do you have to test it with?


I have a tiny spi oled I had working on Arduino u8glib library I can test out for you…


Sure thing. I want to make sure I’ve pulled and merged the latest u8glib and then I’ll try to put it on github to be able to access it from the cloud build environment. Expect that done by this weekend. I’ll drop you a note then.

Wonder if we have the same one? What chipset is it?

I’m in the process of putting it online through the build IDE but am not done yet. One issue I’ve encountered is that I can’t get it to compile all the files in the library so I end up with linker failures.