Tiny OLED not SSD1306 but LD7032

I have this tiny OLED and driver breakout from DFRobot

Everything works fine on an Uno using the u8g2 library from olikraus. I’ve done some searching here on the forum and found lots of examples of people getting their OLEDs from adafruit working using @peekay123’s library port for the SSD1306 (which, bravo sir). However, my driver is different and won’t work with this library.

I’m at a bit of a loss. Any suggestions on how to get this working would be most welcome.

@hugh, the LD7032 driver only seems to be supported by U8glib or u8g2 libraries, neither of which have been ported to Particle. Is there any reason you want this specific display versus something compatible with existing Particle libraries?

@peekay123 it’s for a client project. I’m not tight on space* so I’ll connect the displays to an arduino and update the display using commands from the Photon. Or maybe I’ll use a RaspberryPi.

*not tight on space for the controller but am tight on space for the display.

@hugh, are you tight on space for a 0.96" OLED display?

lol. Yeah I am tight for the display.

I am building a gas station sign for a company called Miniature Land. The space I have is exactly right for the display(s) I bought. It’s fine, I don’t mind using a workaround.


I have a Nano sitting around (of course I do). So I am using Serial to communicate to the Nano from the Photon to update the price. Works exactly as I need it to. Plus, a Nano is significantly smaller than an Uno.

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and of course i need two displays running simultaneously. anyway. this will be the last update, likely.

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@hugh, Nanos and Micros are always great to have around! I’m always amazed at what I can pull off with an ATTiny85 to offload a Photon :wink:

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