Adafruit SSD1305 library

Hi All

Does anyone have a library for the Adafruit SSD1305 OLED display(s)?

I’ve tried the 1306 but it doesn’t appear to work sadly. The specific display I’m trying to get going is this one over SPI

I can probably port the existing one myself if I need too, but if someone already has it done I’d rather work on the actual project.


Let’s see if a little PING back to the top of the forums does the trick :slight_smile:

@wendo, I have not seen a library for the SSD1305. However, if you need any help when you port it, let me know :grinning:

I’m actually thinking of using the 1306 library and just swapping out all the commands and removing the features the 1305 doesn’t have. I’ll likely have a go this weekend since trying to port the arduino 1305 didn’t go well and I can’t track down why.

That is unless someone else comes by with one first :slight_smile: