Best library for sht31d

I am getting highly inaccurate readings from my sht31d temp sensor. I am using the closedcube_sht31d library. My temp readings are always almost 5-10 degrees off. I am wondering if another library might solve my problems. Is the adafruit library better?

could it also be that the sensor is reading increased temp due to its proximity to the circuitry of the argon/ethernet featherwing? but almost by 5 - 10 degrees?

Yes that very probable.

I have a STH31 temp sensor on a Photon and have noticed that it looks like the temps for it are always 5 degrees above the room temp for some reason.

It’s been a highly accurate sensor for a long time so I’m not sure why it seems off.

Maybe the heater feature is stuck on for some reason.

Have you tried different libraries for that chip yet?

I haven’t tried any other libraries yet. I am thinking of spinning up a new board and try it with a different library - at the same location - to see if that makes a difference.

What library are you using? And you say the sensor has been very accurate - so your inaccurate readings are on this one sensor ?

There is a long discussion on the link below about the reliability of the humidity values from the sht31 sensor ( though mine is the 31d). Its interesting reading. folks there are baking their sensors!

reliability of sht31 sensor

You might try this particle library: adafruit-sht31

Particle Web IDE library describes it as: Adafruit SHT31 port to Particle

I have only tried this library with the following Adafruit product. Temperature readings are very good.

SHT-30 Mesh-protected Weather-proof Temperature/Humidity Sensor - 1M Cable

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