Termperature - humidity sensor with photon web ide


What is the best sensor for temperature/humidity that is working with particle photon web ide ?

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A few questions:

  1. Photon 1 or Photon 2?
  2. If Photon 1, would you want it to also be compatible with Photon 2 later on?
  3. Do you only need one sensor or multiple sensors connected to a single Particle device?
  4. What is the distance between the Particle device and the sensor? Same board, less than 1 meter, or longer?
  5. Do you need a special form-factor? Probe, waterproof, etc.
  6. Do you want to prioritize low cost or high precision?
  7. If low-cost, do you want a reputable manufacturer like Adafruit or Sparkfun, or do you want to take a chance on a random board from Amazon/eBay/AliExpress?
  8. I presume you're looking for a room temperature sensor, but just in case: do you need a larger than usual temperature range? Or support for extended use at 100% humidity?
  9. Breakout board (for use with a breadboard) or bare chip (you're building your own circuit board).

I use the Sensirion SHT-3x most of the time now, typically the SHT30, using the sht3x-i2c library. Make sure you get one of the SHT30 or higher models with an I2C interface. The reason I switched is the module is relatively inexpensive, is available in a variety of form-factors, the I2C interface is easy to use and works on all Particle devices. It also can be used at both 3.3V and 5V.

I used to use the Bosch BME280 but it's more expensive, is 3.3V only, sometimes the I2C interface can be flaky, and it's a pain to reflow solder by hand.

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  1. Photon 1
  2. No need for comaptibility with Photon 2
  3. Multiple sensors (4 in sum)
  4. Same board
  5. No, just for air.
  6. Low cost
  7. Adafruti or Sparkfun
  8. Room temperature
  9. I have sparkfun redboard

This is the right link ?

For multiple sensors, the SHT30/SHT3C won't be a good choice.

On the Photon 1, P1, Electron, or E Series if you only needed temperature I'd use the DS18B20 for 4 (or more) sensors. If you can get by with one temperature/humidity sensor and the rest just temperature you could use both.

The issue is that the I2C-based sensors (SHT3x, BME280, etc.) are convenient and compatible, but each device has to have a unique address, and most have a limited ability to change the address.

The One Wire (DS18B20) sensors have essentially an unlimited number of unique addresses and the ability to use long wires to the sensors, but are not compatible with Gen 4 devices without a I2C to 1-Wire bridge chip.

I need only one sensor SHT30 but I need one sensor Co2 and O2.
Sorry, this is in sum 3 sensors.
One is SHT30.

OK, that makes more sense. I was wondering the situation where the temperature and humidity is different on the same board.

In that case, the SHT30 or SHT3C will work well.

Great, thank you for help.

Can you provide me some tutorial or code example for connecting SHT30 ?

The library that I've used is the sht3x-i2c. The sensor connects by I2C so you can just follow the instructions that come with the sensor. The I2C port on the Photon 1 is SDA is D0 and SCL is D1. The I2C tutorial can also be helpful.

Do you have experience with AHT20 ?

I've never used it, but it should work fine. Use the SparkFun_Qwiic_Humidity_AHT20_Arduino_Library with it. There's an Adafruit guide for it that shows how to connect it.

Digital signal is not working, only analog input.