Temp & humidity sensing

Hello, Sorry if duplicate. I am looking for a code snippet for temp & humidity sensing for Particle Electron. I have the basic install running & reading light from a photocell that is showing up appropriately in the console. Very grateful if you can point me to a code snippet & suggested hardware sensor for temp & humidity.

Hi @cabenson,

For hardware: https://www.seeedstudio.com/Grove-Temperature-Sensor.html

This code snippet is for Photon and not Electron: https://docs.particle.io/quickstart/isk-project/#particle-variables-measure-temperature-amp-humidity

Let me find a suitable example for Electron or come back to you with instructions. Thanks.

Particle Technical Support

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Hi @cabenson -

It seems you have been assisted by support, so I suppose all that is left is to say Welcome to Particle forum :slight_smile:

Let us know if the current solution does not work. I have used several temp sensors in projects, some are quite easy to get going, others not so much.