Temperature warning SMS using DHT11 and Electron

I am trying to build a SMS alarm for when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I have purchased a Particle Electron (in shipping now) and I already have a DHT11 Temp/humidity sensor. My experience is in Arduino so hopefully I can create this program in the Particle IDE. Any help getting started would be greatly appreciated. This should be a useful project for others but I do not see a similar project in this community.

Thank you in advance.

There are several examples that should help you. Try typing SMS in the search field (upper right corner next to buy now).

It had several piece of information on sending SMS from an electron.

The same for DHT11 sensors.

Typing DHT in the library field of the Particle Build IDE will give you an example for the DHT22 DHT22 example but the library allows you to define a DHT11

You should know that the Particle SIM is not setup for sending or receiving SMS messages so you will need a third-party SIM.