DHT22 and New Particle Electron

I have been running an Particle Electron with a DHT 22 for 3 months now that send temp and humidity to ThingSpeak. It sends the Temperature in centigrade, farenheit, and humidty. All works fine. I got another Particle Electron with a DHT22. I copied the code to new Particle. It is sending back no centrigrade temp and farenheit is reported as -58,666 and humidity is 6,553. Hmm… I also replaced the DHT22 with another one I had in case that was the issue.
What has changed is the Particle that is working ( the old one) is Version 1.0.0 and the new Particle is 1.0.1
The Adafruit_DHT library in the old Particle is 0.0.2 and the new is 0.0.4. I did not go line by line the library seems to be the same.
Has anyone run into this issue?

You can always use older versions of a library to see if that makes a difference.

I tried to use the older version to no avail but I did use one that said Adafruit_DHT_Particle and all seems working. Not sure really that was the issue - too many variable changing. Well it works anyway now. Not sure why. I am glad I am not doing a life saving IOT!