Problems flashing my code

Good evening everyone

I have a problem, you know when you flash a code by your web IDE, the Argon device change to magenta color, then blinks green quickly, and finally change to light blue
well when I flash my code to my Argon device change to magenta color, then blinks green quickly, but return to magenta color and stay in this color, for this reason I can`t see my functions or variables in particle cloud
anybody knows why this happen?


This would indicate that your latest application was targeted at a device OS version higher than the version installed on your Argon and hence a device OS upgrad is needed.
That is what the subsequent magenta phase would attempt - when you let it do its thing the device will eventually come back running.
BUT, if you once interrupted that auto-upgrade you may need to update the device OS manually via USB cable and DFU Mode.


Hi @Migueldonjuan16 -

Welcome to the Particle forum!! We will do our best to assist :slight_smile:

If there is anything to add to the comprehensive explanation @ScruffR provided, it might just be to be patient while it does it’s thing :relaxed: It might ‘change colours’ several times’ before eventaully proceed to breathing Cyan.

Depending on how outdated the current OS is, it seem to be doing incremental updates and not jump i.e form 1.0.0 to 1.5.2. I might be wrong and it might attempt an install several times, but either way, I sometimes I see the Photon go through this process 2-3 times before eventually breathing cyan.

As Scruff mentioned, just don’t interrupt it. If you did and are unable to flash let me know.


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