Problem with connecting photon using particle app

I have been using particle photon for a little while now with no issues related to particle App. but recently when I connect the device to the internet using the particle App I get an error message on the App saying “Setup process couldn’t configure WiFi-credentials for your Photon. please try running setup again after resetting your photon and putting it back in blinking blue listening mode if needed”.

I have been trying to configure the problem.

  1. I updated deviceOs to 1.5.1
  2. I flashed the same code in different device. but still arrive to the same issue.
  3. When I flash tinker, the device connects fine but the issue comes only when I flash my code.
    Please note that the code I am referring to, I have been using it for over two years now in various Photons and it has been working just fine therefore I am not sure if there’s any updates in particle that are not compitable to one of my hardware.

Hi @katlego -

I recently had a problem with two Photons, one I managed to salvage using the steps below:

  • Put the device in DFU Mode
  • Download and flash the following files using particle flash --usb through the CLI after making sure CLI is up to date:

i.e. particle flash --usb photon-bootloader@1.5+lto.bin

  1. photon-system-part1@1.5.bin
  2. photon-system-part2@1.5.bin
  3. photon-bootloader@1.5.0+lto.bin
  4. photon-tinker@1.5.0.bin

After these steps your Photon should be back to factory settings. If not, I am afraid as with my second Photon, a debug shield might be the way to go.

Even though Particle Doctor used to serve me well in the past, I experienced the exact same problems you did on both Photons. If you have not tried Particle Doctor, it is worth a shot.

Hope this helps!
Regards, Friedl.

we faced the same problem here with OS 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 on P1. Setting the credentials works fine with our code (used for about a year without any problems) only after downgrading to OS 1.4.4.
With OS 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 we can set the credentials only in safe-mode.

Does anybody has an idea where to look for the problem?

Thanks and regards,

Hi Friedl. I used the steps you recommended, however, when I flash bootloader it gives out an error (Please see the attached picture).

So I had to use --serial photon-bootloader though I am not sure if flashing using --usb and --serial would flash the bootloader differently. Nevertheless, I still encounter the same problem after flashing those files.

Thank you!

@friedl_1977 Can I order that debug shield online?

What device OS version have you currently got on your device.
particle serial inspect (in Listening Mode) should clarify that.

With older versions you needed to put the device into Listening Mode (blinking blue) and flash the bootloader via particle flash --serial <yourDesiredBootloader.bin>

However, usually particle update -v with the device in DFU Mode and the most recent version CLI should do the trick too.

Then it would be useful to check your code for possible reasons for that behaviour :wink:
There might be flaws in the flow from the beginning which were “acceptable” for previous versions of device OS but are now treated with less leniency.

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Hi @katlego -

You can you, from the link I sent (or under accessories) in the Particle Store. I would try @ScruffR 's tips first before spending money of course. It was not before I chatted extensively on the forum in this thread, exhausted most of those tips and chatted to support that I ordered my shield.

Hope it helps.
Regards, Friedl.

@ScruffR The device OS is 1.5.1 version. which I think is the latest version.
I used particle update -v and the system firmware was successfully updated. But the error persists.
So I think the only way to get this device working again is to go with your last suggestion. Hopefully, I will find the solution even though it’s going to be a nightmare :unamused:

Some things that are not permitted anymore

  • detachInterrupt() from within an ISR
  • using functions inside a class constructor that presuppose the existance of an object (including Particle framework)
  • using libraries that do one of the above
  • and some other stuff (rarely used or hyper-specific)
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Okay I see. Well thanks for sharing that useful info.