Photon won't update WiFi Credentials (particle keys doctor FAILS)

Hi! I need help with one of my photons…

The thing is that all of the sudden when I needed to change to a different WiFi network, it won’t accept new credentials (particle cli serial, doctor and tinker app) and always maintains the old network.

Tried everything I could find in the forum, but nothing did the trick for me…

  • Firmware upgrade… DONE
  • Flashing tinker app… FAILS setting WiFi credentials
  • Flashing Doctor app, clearing EEPROM, credentials, etc… Fails when setting new credentials, and when loading newly created keys
  • Clearing credentials holding the setup button 10 sec… DONE (flashes red after blinking blue rapidly)
  • Clearing credentials by code… DONE

Using the other photon just works as expected… changes wifi network on particle setup and particle serial wifi.

Please help me!
Thanks in advance