Problem with combo of Adafruit SSD1306 library plus TCPClient

With the help of pkourany port of the Adafruit SSD1306 and GFX libraries, I have a 128x64 OLED working with the spark core.

The problem is that if I add the single line

TCPClient client;

the spark core apparently loses the ability to connect to WiFi and I get a series of flashing blue, green and then red LED lights and then the pattern repeats. Similarly if I add the SSD1306 and GFX code to a working TCPClient program, the same thing happens.

Would anyone have any idea of what the apparent incompatibility is between the SSD1306/GFX libraries and the spark core TCPClient firmware?

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@slzatz, the flashing red indicates you have run out of RAM. The Spark Team is currently working on reducing the firmware RAM footprint with great success. Expect updates soon. :smile:

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Thanks so much for the quick reply. Look forward to the update firmware. It might make sense to update the page that has the meaning of the various LED colors since it hadn’t occurred to me that it was an out of memory issue although now that you say it, it makes sense that is the issue.

That thread was November 2013 and SOS aka red flashes were added this year. :smiley:

All the information is updated regularly at: