Problem: Unwanted Device Vitals & Diagnostics Events

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I have a Xenon that is set up to publish a piece of data, then go into stop mode via System.sleep(D2,RISING,30); for 30 seconds followed by waking up and repeating.

I use Particle.publish for the data. It works great, but when I view the api where my data is being published, I notice weird stuff. Rather than seeing a data point being published about every 30 seconds. I see a variation of the following 1 data point published, followed by the device vitals diagnostics being published, followed by a second vitals diagnostics post, followed by another data point being published. Finally, my device goes into the stop mode again.

Sometimes, instead of data, diagnostics, diagnostics, data… I get data, diagnostics, data, diagnostics… Other times I get another variation. Sometimes it isn’t all four, it may be 3 publishings or 5. It is very random.

I need the system to only publish one data point, and not publish the diagnostics. This occurrence is killing my battery life.



I do remember another thread where a means to disable auto-publishing of vitals was a requested feature, but I can’t currently find it.

@rickkas7, any input on that?


Yes, there will be a setting to adjust the frequency of device vitals in the future.

On cellular devices if you use SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY with stop mode sleep (pin+time) the device vitals event is not generated, but I don’t think that works on the Xenon. You might want to try it, just in case it does.


Any update on this? I too would like to be able to control diagnostic events rather than having DeviceOS publish them periodically.

With SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) in a highly power constrained setting, having the OS publish vitals automatically is not good.