Device publishes vitals on every cloud connect


I have two Identical E-Series devices running identical code, on firmware 1.4.0. Right now they are sleeping for 8 minutes, then waking up to take a reading on every 10th minute.

When I say publishing device vitals, I mean when the device publishes the event with the title “spark/device/diagnostics/update”

Below is a screenshot of events for both devices, and you can see that only one device, “CA_2”, publishes its vitals every time it wakes from sleep. The screenshot only shows two wakeup cycles but this happens every time.

My question is: Why would only one device publish vitals every time it wakes up and not the other?



Hi @SammyG!

There are a number of reasons this might happen - my suspicion is that there’s another (potentially benign) factor in play here. Would you mind opening a support ticket referencing my name (Marek), specifying the Device IDs and OS versions of both devices?


I can try and do this. However both devices are out in the field now with no LTE reception so I’m not sure it matters anymore right now…